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Anonymous Email: You can send messages to other members and receive messages from them without revealing your email address or real name.

Control: You are in complete control of your membership.  You can modify your information at any time, and you can delete ALL your information at any time.

Search: You can do a detailed search of the database on any combination of 29 qualities or characteristics.

Photos: You can upload 2 photos for your profile. Profiles with photos get 8 to 10 times as much mail.

Live Chat: Chat with other members in real time.

Public Discussion Forums: We have designed our own public discussion forum program that is packed with convenient features.

Security: This site is password protected. Every person who enters the site is required to fill out a profile. Personal information or email addresses are never displayed.

And Much More: There are more features than we can list here, and additional features are being added every week. To learn more, Take the Tour.

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