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Aug 24, 2014 - The purpose of this website, in addition to the general seeking of friends and for social contact among believers in the one and only living God (who are commonly referred to as Christians), is to provide a gathering location for warriors of truth, teaching and or learning men and women willing to stand up against the demonic elite controlling America and much of the world. That is meant in contrast to what the nearly 50,000 church leaders across the nation that for whatever reason have been content to go no further than what I call feeding robot food to church zombies for the last 55 or so years. Those five decades were a time of profound spiritual war in which the good guys suffered massive defeats based largely on refusing to fight or even learn who to fight despite holding the legal power - unlike in centuries gone by - to publicly oppose the enemy.

It gets worse: Surveys reveal that 95% of people identifying themselves as Christian send their own babies to what I call Satanic indoctrination centers, the ones more traditionally referred to as public schools. They are effectively controlled by the neo-communist thieving liars who go by the political name Democrats. You should know all of this by now or be willing to learn. Children are lied to therein about a scientifically impossible hoax called evolution, about the psychology of sexuality, about current events, global warming and world history. For an idea of just how transparent the deceit has become, view 100 Scientific Reasons Why Evolution is Stupid here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q8DDIe_2cHM. I heard the stories for years, read excerpts from textbooks here and there, then returned to college in 2009 full-time for a year and personally confirmed the worst of the stories are quite true.

Next comes the media. It is woefully inadequate, as has been popular, to describe the national news networks broadcasting from New York City into every town across the country with the term liberal bias. Rather, in the case of ABC News, NBC, NPR and CBS (Comedy Central and others too) we are dealing with liberal atheist professional liars. Every word just written is accurate. They have for years been pounding good men, the few who actually do stand up, into silence, the whole time while hushing up the most hateful atrocities across the land committed by their chosen and protected politicians and activist groups. In short, they are at war with truth and freedom. It is time people realized that and began suiting up.

For example, the "Knockout Game," in which violent black American teens and young men (occasionally women too) beat the snot out of innocent white people for fun, trying to send them to the hospital with one punch. What does get reported is every chance to depict a white person as racist, rare as they are, then silence as women are raped, men beaten at times to death. FBI statistics for years reveal racist violence committed by blacks against white people occurring at a rate nearly nine times more often than the other way around. Still, the media elite absolutely refuse to report a single one of them on their national programs.

For another example, the unreported LEGAL invasion of more than 120 million immigrants over the last 50 years, the majority deliberately chosen from non-Christian nations speaking foreign languages and clinging to cultures far different than traditional America, many of them becoming permanent welfare leaches. Ted Kennedy, a Democratic Party icon, set up that immigration shift in 1965 and got the Democrat president Lyndon Johnson to sign on. Very few knew. The ones who stood up in opposition were branded as racist.

Judges appointed by Democrat presidents - and often approved by liberal phonies who got elected as "conservative" Republicans - have made a mockery of the Constitution for decades, increasingly so in recent years. The mere act of refusing to serve homosexual couples at their weddings has led to fines in the thousands of dollars.

But it gets worse. Looking out across the landscape, almost zero Christians can be found saying a thing in public to resist the conquest of their culture and country, the theft of their rights, the lying to their children. Instead, they sit in buildings year after year, then drive home to check Facebook, probably shopping for more unneeded stuff on the way. When the Tea Party movement arose in 2010, a visible resistance appeared for the first time in decades, people shutting off Facebook, turning off movies, leaving the boats parked for at least a couple days. Yet the Democrat hate machine cranked into gear, accompanied by the professional liars in the atheist media. Tea Party members were fraudulently branded as racist on national programs reaching 50 million viewers until ordinary teenagers in every neighborhood got the message and began calling Tea Party types racist and more, as taught even by Jon Stewart, David Letterman and the other smear merchants working as comedians for the New World Order. The resistance folded and has not been heard from since.

One problem is that the few, easily less than one-percent of the population, have no leader, no place to rally the troops. Yes, there are conservative sites on the internet, plus talk radio. But those are significantly populated by non-Christians who hush-up Biblical talk and thus prevent a vital ingredient in the recipe to fight back against liars and properly exchange the full truth about our existence on the planet. Moreover, other than the bombastic (and generally correct) Michael Savage, the others tend to fight very timidly rather than what is today called for. As mentioned, the term liberal bias in the media just isn't cutting it when the reality shows an organized army of talented Satanic liars deliberately distorting the news day in and out. Entertainment programming too.

Along those lines, Christian websites tend to be populated by passive types who have for years been taught by girly-men funny pastors to sit around praying, singing and praising rather than getting off their asses and actually doing something. John the Baptist spoke out against the enemies of truth (Luke 3:7), even against the king, until it cost him his very skull. Elijah and more spoke out too. But somehow American churches fell into a pit of delivering stale Bible studies talking about other men who fought, all while practicing what seems like a form of personal and family counseling each week, nothing more. They teach congregants how to emotionally get through each day, but fail to provide either an example or instructions in the art of warfare. Everyone showing up hears how they can pray and become more Godly. Those who learn the lessons well and behave with mushy politeness are frequently called by the rest "Christ-like." Conversely, the few daring to stir up a wee bit of dust are just as frequently said to NOT be acting Christ-like in our age of silly toothless untrained so-called disciples.

Rarely if ever this type of verse: Woe to you, when all men speak well of you, for so their fathers did to the false prophets. - Luke 6:26

I finally grew completely fed-up with the church zombie way of life. Let that dreadful condition begin crumbling now. A barely visible minority have already stood up to question what the crap is being taught in church. Check out Walid Shoebat (videos available on Youtube here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KIzyji-eVdY) for one example. While Christian forums employ moderators to keep all the talk happy, this forum is meant as a safe zone where just because you might get angry, if a few lack social maturity in exchanges, you will be permitted to share and grow without fear of banishment. That doesn't mean no one will ever be restricted, just not for the usual excuse of failing to act nice. Intentional disruption meant to prevent training or even casual conversation will probably end up being dealt with by management, rare as such a situation occurs.

Otherwise, learn to fight. Also learn when to stop fighting, simply allowing the other person to hold his opinion even if wrong or thought wrong. There are some here who can help you grow in the art of debate, a skill definitely ignored by church leaders. You can also learn here precisely who the enemy is rather than being warned about "the media" in vague terms.

"The" media is not corrupt. Some of it is just fine. ABC News is corrupt, along with the others mentioned above, plus The New York Times, Washington Post, USA Today, PBS, MTV, ESPN even. Names of the professional liars are included here too:

Katie Couric, Matt Lauer, Diane Sawyer, Robin Roberts, Brian Williams, Jon Stewart, Rachel Maddow, Keith Olberman, Chris Matthews, Bob Schieffer, George Stephanopoulos, David Gregory, Larry King. Really, everyone at the networks already mentioned. Learn their names just as fighter pilots are taught to identify enemy aircraft. How stupid is it to avoid arming soldiers with pictures of what the enemy looks like? They should be pinned up on the walls of churches. But those men are afraid of losing their tax exemptions.

The Catholic Church: While many, probably most, individual Catholics are honest and humble people earnestly seeking God, the church they belong to has created and adheres to an altered Bible containing a false doctrine. To that end, the church leaders there may either be themselves misled or are knowingly defying the gift of forgiveness and a relationship with God through his Holy Spirit offered in the New Covenant of the Bible. Catholic Church members and leaders are welcome on the site nonetheless. Yet due to the conflict existing between them and the people loosely known as Protestants, it may be that challenges to Catholic doctrine will be heard from time to time when interacting with members of this website.

There are plenty, believe me, who will rush to complain that this bold approach is wrong, that it will scare more potential believers away than attract them. Hear this now: Your side has been in charge the whole time America fell into darkness. Your guys had thousands of opportunities to stand up for truth and got their butts wiped in public year upon year. Besides, do we really need that type attracting more believers, then teaching them to sit around doing nothing for the rest of their lives? Welcome to MeetChristians.com. There is a new team on the field. And we are looking for a whole bunch of players.

One final thought. Very few have reached the point detailed above. To be sure, the number is growing as found in comment sections on YouTube and elsewhere. Still a minority though. To that end, all who call on the name of God or salvation are welcome here. You are not required to train and suit up for the war. Normal everyday joking and otherwise attempting to enjoy life on the sidelines is permitted. But you have been put on notice that men and women who care to speak truth against power and against do-nothing churchism as John the Baptist and others exemplified are given liberty to boldly speak out on this website. Their voices will not be hushed up in the name of a false gospel called politeness.

You may argue with the approach, learn from it, teach alongside them or preach your own form of activism (or passivism). No restrictions on sharing of opinions other than a handful of sensible rules in the forums. I hope you will find the approach refreshing and liberating, if nothing else interesting. Lacking that, it is fully realized that change is difficult for us humans. So those who depart for a more familiar ambiance take with them my understanding.

Am I wrong in supporting such a dramatic variation from what all of us grew up with? Could be. But in quite carefully evaluating the style and results of how churches have been doing the job over several decades, witnessing how the youth now laugh at Christians, how the children of believers sort of make up their own rules for living and how we just lost an entire country along with 3-4 generations of potential believers, I can hardly imagine a more profound surrender to evil than the one conducted by the men who feel called to shepherd God's people and by the people themselves other than a fraction. I simply have no willingness unless told by God himself to sit back and be a happy do-nothing follower of a God who is kind and loving but also bold, angry, jealous and fierce. Allowing the enemy to continue racking up victories without opposition is unacceptable.

Updated July 29, 2015.

- Randal, the flawed but redeemed MC guy in charge, for better or not so great, since December 2005.

Modified Aug 24, 2014

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