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By:  mansions227   Gender: F   Age: 44   on  Mar 15, 2007 at 11:09 AM   Viewed 189464 times     
This is a success story, but maybe not in a way you expect. In February 2005, I wrote to someone from MC. He responded and we corresponded through the internet for several weeks before the computer I was using went down. Then we corresponded through the postal system. Then he began calling me every single night and we would talk for hours. Within months he was certain I was a gift from God and began talking about marriage. At the time I was staying with friends in Florida and my daughter and I were sharing a very small bedroom and sleeping on bunkbeds. My daughter had a mental disorder that caused unpredictable outbursts. The older lady we were staying with would become easily upset with the noise and confusion. It was very clear we needed to find our own place. However, we lived in a town which was a high tourist attraction and the cost of living was outrageous. Housing was not only scarse but practically unaffordable - especially for a single mother of low income. I became desperate. I prayed and fasted and prayed. When this man offered marriage, I prayed and asked God for a sign that this was not from Him. I couldn't find one.
In June 2005, I quit my job and loaded up my daughter and we went to Georgia to meet and marry this man. Two of his friends from church had already called to "check me out." They were both older women in their fifties and were concerned for him. I met both of their approval. My daughter and I stayed with one couple for the week prior to the Friday that he and I were to be married. However, when he spoke to his preacher, he would not marry us. He said we would have to get counseling and he wanted us to "date and get to know each other better" for at least a year first. Of course this made sense and I would never question the advice of one of God's men. Yet, I was angry. Not necessarily angry at the man I was to marry or the preacher -- but with God. I felt like I had trusted God and He had let me down. What were we to do? We had no place to stay although the man offered for us to stay in his house anyway. I knew that was NOT the solution. Then the other woman I had spoken to on the phone offered for us to stay in the basement apartment of their house. However, she stressed that her husband was not so keen at letting people stay too long and I should keep it to a few weeks to a month. I went job hunting and apartment hunting. I had my last paycheck and some vacation pay from my job which tided us over a few weeks. However, the money was dwindling down and although I did get a job at a dry cleaners, I did not see being able to accumulate the deposits and first month's rent necessary within a month's time.
There was a young Christian woman who had been living with this couple for three years. It so happened a few months prior to my arrival, they had discussed that she would have to move out and get her own place. Apparently, the couple were planning to move closer to a city the older woman had to travel to regularly for medical reasons and were going to sell their house. This young woman suggested she and I get an apartment together because she had been worried about being able to afford a place by herself and she did not really want to live alone. So, we went looking and within a month, we had found a two bedroom apartmentwith huge bedrooms and private baths at a price we could afford. I had planned to share a bedroom with my daughter, but later discovered the dining room was large enough that I was able to drape a sheet between it and the kitchen and turn it into a bedroom for myself. Therfore, we each have our own space. (Praise God!) When I had gotten to the bottom of the barrell of my finances, I prayed for a solution and a thought came to my mind that I had a life insurance policy which had over $900 cash value available that I was able to take a loan against.
Within six months, the man and I had not communicated anymore either by email or phone. We lived in the same town, probably less than five miles from each other. It wasn't so much that something went wrong between us, but that there really wasn't anything between us to begin with. I asked him a few weeks after I had moved here what had happened. He seemed uninterested in me romantically. He was willing to help us out as a Christian would help us to get settled and such, but there just wasn't that romance I had expected based on our telephone conversations and letters. He said that when he spoke to the preacher, it was as if God spoke to him in some way. He said he could not explain it, but it was like all of a sudden, the feelings he thought he had were gone. He apologized. I asked if he was disappointed when he met me that I did not meet his expectations, and he said not at all. He said he really did not understand it himself.
My daughter and I got involved in church. I got her involved with the local mental health program and she began doing great in school and making many friends. I worked at the cleaners until I felt a call to go back to college last summer. I thought I was through with my college attempts, feeling too old to give it another shot. Yet, God seemed to just open up the doors to make it happen. We are happier than we have been for as long as I can remember since the divorce. All the pieces seem to have just come together here for us. I ran into the man I was going to marry early in January of this year. It was a strange coincidence actually. We have not seen each other in a year an half. My w-2 was mailed to his address, probably because that was the address I used when I first moved here. For some crazy reason it did not get changed with my boss's accountant. This man and I ran into each other at Walmart,and conversation started when he told me he had received my w-2 in the mail. I found out that he is married and is very happy and it was like running into an old friend. I gave him my address so he could mail the w-2 to me and my phone number to call me. When I got home I thought, now that is just gotta be God at work. I realized after talking to him for about ten minutes that he definitely was not who I would have wanted to be my husband. I realized how desperate I must have been two years ago. But, I still feel MC was used by God to bring this man and me together so that I could get where I am today. So, even though I am still single, I believe I've had a success story through a MC contact.
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By:  Gary208   Gender: M   Age: 58   on  Mar 16, 2007 at 6:53 AM     
Hi Mansions

A very interesting story indeed!

Isn't it amazing how things always seem to work out for the best when Our Lord is at the Helm!

I've been in the position of looking UP, just to see the bottom of the barrel I was so low. Stopped trying to do it myself and turned it over to the Lord. Within a short time and what always seem like a series of not very probably events, I soon found myself above the barrel and happier than ever.

I'm very glad to hear the Lord has been working in your life and lifting you back up again!

May God Bless

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By:  Sandical   Gender: F   Age: 40   on  Apr 22, 2007 at 12:02 PM     
Trusting God to provide for us is something ultimately more rewarding than giving in to our own inclinations and decisions.

Thanks for sharing your success story and adventures.

God bless and keep you and your daughter in His Will, love and care.
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By:  uzziel   Gender: F   Age: 20   on  Jun 14, 2007 at 4:18 AM     
It was really, actually, as a matter of fact Indeed a Success Story!

Truly all things work together for good!