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No. 0     Original Topic:  It Is A Miracle!   
By:  Bullfighter279   Gender: M   Age: 103   on  Jan 7, 2018 at 5:44 PM   Viewed 157 times     
About 1 week ago I lost a small 2.5" plastic cover that goes on my left gear shifter cable on my Bicycle.

I had no idea where I lost it or when. I discovered it was missing when I got home one morning. I could have lost it anywhere along a 5+ mile stretch or on a Train, or on the roads.

A few hours ago I was at the Train station standing outside at my usual spot waiting for an approaching Train to board.

I glanced down in the snow for a second and lo and behold sitting right next to a fence post I was next to was the plastic cover I had lost a week ago! :icon_eek:

At first I thought, "No...this is impossible and must belong to someone else!?"

But sure enough, it snapped onto it's other half just the way it was supposed to! :dance:

The odds of me finding that thing which could have been buried in snow for a week until part of it melted away today are very slim.

I was standing in this same exact spot yesterday but hadn't looked down.

Anyone could have stepped on it and crushed it during the last week also.

Why it decided to pop off there in the first place I have no idea, maybe stress due to the extreme cold did it.:unsure:

Here it is, the part that says, "Shimano" and, "Friction" on it:

No. 1     Reply: Re: It Is A Miracle!   
By:  Bullfighter279   Gender: M   Age: 103   on  Jan 7, 2018 at 5:59 PM     
That cover was important too since it protects the front gear shifter cable from being exposed to the elements, snow, rain, ice which can then get down in the cable and freeze it up or cause shifting problems.

So I am glad I found it.

When I snapped it back on it seems to be holding so I think the subzero cold last week might have forced it to pop off. Or maybe my glove got caught on it and pulled it off.

No. 2     Reply: Re: It Is A Miracle!   
By:  CAsandie   Gender: F   Age: 104   on  Jan 8, 2018 at 2:42 PM     
That is fairly miraculous. I lost my badge at work once and didn't realize it until the end of the day and felt the Lord helped me to recover it (just sitting in some rocks along a path I had walked in the morning. Your story is much, much more miraculous!

I like it when things go right! Glad you recovered your item.