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No. 0     Original Topic:  Marrying someone I met through online...   
By:  lovingman33222   Gender: M   Age: 33   on  Jan 4, 2018 at 4:16 AM   Viewed 231 times     
Iíve been dating Mariela from Barcelona, Spain for over a year now.

Weíve only met twice and whenever we met we would spend a full month together which is niceÖ

but our relationship is technically that of online romance. Despite the distance and the scarcity of

physical contact and meet up in the duration of our year long relationship,

I can say that everything we experience and say to each other is real.

Iím really happy with her and it has gotten to a point where the distance is becoming painful.

I want us to be together, live together and have a family together.

We are both in the age and state where we can definitely have a family if we want toÖ so,

Iíve decided to propose to her this coming Christmas. Iím flying over to Barcelona

to spend the holidays with her and I will pop-up the question after dinner during the eve of Christmas.

I met Mariela through A Foreign Affair, she messaged me first and we continued to exchange letters and eventually gotten to know each other.

Receiving her letters became an important part of my day and responding back is always a delight.

She traveled to meet me first and spent a full month with me and weíve decided to continue our relationship through exchanging letters.

When I decided itís my turn to visit her and spend a full month with herÖ she introduced me to her family

and the city she was born and raised. The woman whom Iíve been dating online became even more wonderful.

Itís always amazing being with her and meeting her family.

At that moment, I realized that I donít want to part with her, the distance may have given us a chance to really get

to know each other since all we did was talk but it has become painful too. I want to marry this beautiful woman.

Now thatís decided, I want to ask for suggestions and advice on how I should propose to her.

Though, Iím sure that we love each other, I want to make sure that I propose to her that she would see me irresistible.

Any thoughts how to make the most romantic proposal? Please, leave a comment!
No. 1     Reply: Re: Marrying someone I met through online...   
By:  Gary208   Gender: M   Age: 70   on  Jan 4, 2018 at 2:21 PM     
I assume this will be in Barcelona, so try and find out what is the most memorable spot, one that makes the occasion super special.

I had a huge dinner planned, which she knew about, and assumed that is where I would propose to her. However, I surprised her several hours earlier, before she was dressed properly (the way she wanted to be that is), and proposed at the top of the Gateway Arch in St. Louis, Missouri. Then after the days excursion we went to the fancy eatin' place, hi hi.

Not as far as you are traveling for each date, but even so 1,600 miles round trip every other weekend prompted me to pop the question sooner than later.