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No. 0     Original Topic:  Hiding this here's damn good.   
By:  crayons   Gender: M   Age: 61   on  Nov 9, 2017 at 10:19 PM   Viewed 849 times     
I've been knocked off the internet already
before i could to post this to conservative treehouse
which by the way ultimately led me to this weeks later.
there is also other intel matching all this from
another source from leakers inside our own government
on a phone home only site on the deep web. i've seen it.

one person reporting this was picked up and thrown in a fed detention
center but has now been released and should be able to be interviewed
on infowars in the next day or two... this is very embarrassing to
both the FBI and CIA and they do not want this out in the public
as there are rogue Jihadi's on the loose without any monetary support
who will go postal.

So it's ok to watch fox news but it's mostly fairy tails
so here we go.

Vegas a COUP Assassination Attempt Cover UP Gone Wrong

CREDIT TO: JoAnne Moretti – Proof Negative Radio Show: REAL Patriot News 11/6/17 (Archive Link) starts at 1hr 41 min into broadcast

Last night, I was on radio discussing the Las Vegas shooting and the connection to what is happening in Saudi Arabia.
They are connected.
I’ll start at the beginning.
There was a King Fasal who had a son, Prince Alwaleed, bin Talal.
King Fasal took ill and named his brother Salman as king in his place.
King Salman has named his son an heir to the throne, instead of his brother’s son Prince Al Waleed.
Al Waleed is a Wahabbi. Salman is Suni.
Wahabbi is extreme Islam.
Salman wanted a more modern, non extreme Islam for Saudi. That’s why he named his own son as heir.
In Las Vegas, Prince Al Waleed owned the upper floors of the Mandalay Bay resort, including the 32nd floor that was one of the points of shooting at the strip.
I say one of the places, because the witnesses were all correct. There were other locations too.
The Mandalay Bay has a heli-pad on the roof. That is important, because that was the escape route after the carnage.
Paddock was a pilot. He was also a gun runner between the Philippines and the US.
He was running guns for Prince Al Waleed.
He didn’t win at the casino. Those millions came from smuggling.
On the night of the attack, I found out that King Salman was in Las Vegas. (I didn’t know that part until after the show and I received a missing piece of info.
Salman was at the Tropicana.

Paddock was victim one.
Others were used to shoot at the country music venue.
That was to create chaos and distract from the real target over at the Tropicana.
Al Waleed’s assassins shot from Mandalay bay, but they also were at the Tropicana trying to kill Salman.
That explains why there were shooters on the ground as well as in the air.
Remember the videos of the helicopter fly over.
I asked why a helicopter would be there when there was a shooter high up.
It wasn’t news, or cops.
It was the assassins who ran up the stairs to the roof from the 32nd floor.
Remember they sealed the door to the stairwell?
Paddock had access to the service elevator, because the boss said he could use the elevator.
Nobody questioned him.
Meanwhile the assassination attempt on Salman failed.
Now we are seeing the result of the failed attempt.
It was not only an assassination attempt and a terror attack, but an attempted coup in Saudi.
This is why everyone shut up in Las Vegas.
The response is still ongoing.
You are watching it play out.
As I said, I spoke on air about this.
I will post links in comments to prove my story.
Las Vegas was definitely a terror attack.
Al Waleed, the owner of the suite was who is behind all of it.
All the witnesses citing multiple shooters all told the truth.
There were shootouts along the strip and in Mandalay Bay & Tropicana hotels.
The reason nobody is talking is it’s not over yet.

Credit to Nancy Kennedy for providing the missing link.

Purge of Saudi princes, businessmen widens, travel curbs imposed

A campaign of mass arrests of Saudi Arabian royals, ministers and businessmen expanded on Monday after a top entrepreneur was reportedly detained in the biggest anti-corruption purge of the kingdom’s affluent elite in its modern history.

The reported arrest of Nasser bin Aqeel al-Tayyar followed the detention of dozens of top Saudis including billionaire investor Prince Alwaleed bin Talal in a crackdown that the attorney general described as “phase one”.


Saudi banks have begun freezing suspects’ accounts, sources told Reuters.

Dozens of people have been detained in the crackdown, which have alarmed much of the traditional business establishment. Billionaire Prince Alwaleed bin Talal, Saudi Arabia’s best-known international investor, is also being held.

CIC Saudi Arabia‏ Verified account.

Prince Alwaleed $1.2 Billion Poorer Since Saudi Corruption Purge

Prince Alwaleed bin Talal is still very wealthy, but even the mega-rich would balk at losing more than $1 billion in 48 hours.

His net worth fell to $17.8 billion after the market value of the Saudi investment firm he founded plummeted $1.3 billion this week. Kingdom Holding Co.’s stock closed on Monday at the lowest level since December 2011.

@ABC 4h4 hours ago

Pres. Trump expresses confidence in Saudi leaders amid anti-corruption push. “They know exactly what they are doing”

9:57 PM – 6 Nov 2017

Hotel Owners Ambushed by Saudi, Chinese, U.S. Geopolitics

Hotels used to be gauged by the campaign strategy that won the presidency for Bill Clinton: it’s the economy, stupid. Nowadays, politics may determine their future.

Here are some hotel companies caught up in shifting political winds globally:
Four Seasons – Prince Alwaleed, a prolific and longtime investor in luxury hotels and management companies, was detained on Saturday, one of several family members caught up in moves by Saudi Arabia’s King Salman to clear any remaining obstacles to his son, Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, ascending to the throne.

Alwaleed and Bill Gates’s Cascade Investment LLC teamed up a decade ago to take Four Seasons private for about $3.8 billion

Hilton – Five months ago, another high-profile arrest, in China, of Anbang Insurance Group Co.Chairman Wu Xiaohui, raised doubts about whether Anbang would proceed with its plan to convert Manhattan’s landmark Waldorf Astoria hotel into luxury condominiums.

Strategic Hotels – Wu’s detention also raised questions about the future of Anbang’s Strategic Hotels unit, which it bought last year for about $5.5 billion. Strategic owns 15 resorts and hotels around the country, including the JW Marriott Essex House in New York and Westin St. Francis in San Francisco.

Trump Hotels – The U.S. presidential election a year ago — and the surprise victory of hotel owner Donald Trump — ushered in an era of politics over economics in hotel occupancy. His Washington property was a constant backdrop for campaign events and it got an immediate boost as political and business types, domestic and international, flocked to the Pennsylvania Avenue property after the election.

Marriott – In Saudi Arabia, Alwaleed and other Saudi princes are believed to be held at the five-star Riyadh Ritz-Carlton, which is owned by the Saudi government and operated by Marriott. A hotel employee who answered the phone cited “an unforeseen booking by local authorities” and said Marriott was assessing the situation.
High-ranking Saudi prince reportedly killed in helicopter crash
World news November 5, 2017
According to state television, eight high-ranking Saudi officials have been killed in a helicopter crash near the Yemen border. Among those killed is Prince Mansour bin Muqrin Al Saud, son of former Crown Prince Muqrin bin Abdulaziz. The cause of the crash has not been revealed.

Who does Kusher fit in? The money. He was following the money. He isn’t involved. He’s a whistleblower. He’s a money guy. He sees when big money is moving, missing, and back again. Kushner took the proof to King Salman. – JAMoretti / SNolen


Second Saudi prince Abdul Aziz confirmed dead, killed in gunfire while resisting his arrest on Saturday
Second Saudi prince dead in 24 hours?

Twitter is abuzz with the reports of death of yet another Saudi prince. Prince Abdul Aziz, 44, was the youngest son of King Fahd.

The ArabicAlIthad News later quoted a Saudi Royal Court release saying that the Saudi royal family mourned the death of the prince who died at 44. It however did not cite a reason for the death.

@williamcraddick Nov 4

Fun fact: Alwaleed bin Talal owns the Four Seasons, which in turn owns floors 35-39 of Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas
Billionaire Saudi Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal arrested in corruption crackdown

Saudi Arabia’s King Salman removed a host of prominent officials in a sweeping crackdown, in which dozens of princes and former ministers were detained. News outlets, including Saudi-owned Al Arabiya and The Wall Street Journal, reported Bin Talal was among those arrested. CNBC could not immediately confirm Bin Talal’s status.
Crown Prince gains power after sweeping purge of Saudi officials

They seemed untouchable. The head of a huge construction conglomerate. A prince who led Saudi Arabia’s elite national guard. A billionaire investor who was one of the richest people in the world.

But in one breathtaking stroke, the men were detained by the Saudi authorities in a purge that began Saturday night and swept up some of the most powerful and recognizable names in the country, including members of the Saudi royal family, cabinet ministers, titans of media and industry, and former officials. The detainees included Prince Alwaleed bin Talal, a wealthy investor who owns major stakes in such companies as Twitter and Citigroup, according to an associate of his family.

Stephen Paddock was an undercover arms dealer involved in gun running entrapment scheme similar to Fast and Furious‘

The LVMPD knows the motive behind the attack, but the FBI will not allow us to release the motive because it implicates the FBI in illegal arms deals and supplying arms to ISIS terrorists within U.S. borders.

Stephen Paddock was an undercover FBI agent who participated in multiple illegal arms deals in the Las Vegas area in a gun running entrapment scheme similar to Fast and Furious. Paddock thought he was engaging in another routine arms transfer, but ISIS had learned about the entrapment scheme and Paddock’s true identity. They killed him and carried out the massacre, and then fled the scene.

Everything is being kept under extreme wraps because 1) armed ISIS terrorists are still at large and 2) this is very embarrassing to the FBI and they don’t want their scheme to become public knowledge.
I will be posting further information throughout the day, people within LVMP are disgusted and are pushing for this information to be released to the public.

read more as well as detailed comments here

No. 1     Reply: Re: Hiding this here's damn good.   
By:  crayons   Gender: M   Age: 61   on  Nov 27, 2017 at 9:49 PM     
well; old Zak was back on infowars today broadcasting from Morocco today confirming all of this after being in military custody for days after spilling the beans.

You'll have to listen here. make sure
you go to "Today On The Alex Jones Show
November 27, 2017 Monday"
and "click on "Podcast"; as this link is being Censored on Google and Fakebook. i think it's around the 2:30 patient.

Podcast""Nov 27 2017"