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No. 0     Original Topic:  Physical death   
By:  texascowgirl283   Gender: F   Age: 51   on  Nov 7, 2017 at 5:23 AM   Viewed 852 times     
I am gonna die I believe real soon. But you know the funny thing about it is I have no fear of it at all. It is my belief that you just go from visible to invisible to the physical world but are still here which would account for all the hauntings in the world that people don't understand and plus I believe I will see my family and pets that had passed before me. I think my super strong belief about death is why I have no fear of physical death. I have even told my kids if something happens, I do not want to be revived. Let me go. I am so sick and in pain throughout the upper part of my body everyday that I scared my daughter yesterday. She asked if I would watch a movie with her and I said yes. Next thing she knows im asleep in bed but she thought I layed down and died. lol She was scared. She woke me to see if i was ok or not. She said we were gonna watch a movie and you disappeared and I find you here. I said well you were playing on your cell phone so I thought you changed your mind and I was tired anyway. She siad she was just looking for a good movie to watch and then pull it up on computer. We laughed about it afterwards. My daughter is scared to death of the deceast so I told her when my time of death comes,I wont hurt ya, just don't mind me and go about your I told my kids when the time comes, I know they will miss me but try to find comfort in the fact that I am no longer suffering and am at peace which is actually what got me through my own mom's death. think of the good instead of the bad and they will be fine just like I was when my mom passed away. anyway, I say out with the old, in with the new and improved. After all God's will is reborn a new me and life