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No. 0     Original Topic:  Trump-Kim coverage draws charges of moral equivalence   
By:  Bullfighter279   Gender: M   Age: 55   on  Sep 22, 2017 at 8:19 PM   Viewed 1582 times     
Fow news is exactly right! The media and Hollywood is attempting to "legitimize" the north korean dictator as if he is the same as Trump in Morals. Same tactic was used by the media during the cold war with the USSR.

"Trump-Kim coverage draws charges of moral equivalence"

By Brian Flood, Fox News

"As President Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un exchange barbs and threats, many high-profile media types and Hollywood entertainers have framed the back-and-forth like a battle of two heavyweight fighters.

“Kim Jong-un called Trump a ‘dotard.’ How harsh is that burn?” read a New York Times headline and tweet on Friday, one of several articles across various platforms that covered the Trump-Kim faceoff.

But others didn’t find it appropriate to pitch up the brutal North Korean dictator as if he were a rival athlete to the American president.

“This is actually a classic media tactic -- moral equivalency,” said Dan Gainor, vice president of the Media Research Center. “They used it a lot during the Cold War, where America was depicted just the same as Communism, that ended up killing 100 million people.”

Among Kim’s more notorious atrocities are the ordered executions of defectors by pulverizing them with anti-aircraft guns, incinerating them with flame throwers, killing off close family members, and starving the entire North Korean nation while he continued to build up the country’s nuclear weapons program.

To Kim’s many critics, North Korea is run as a massive concentration camp. Which only raises more questions about how several media outlets framed the Kim-Trump story.

MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” co-host Mika Brezezinski called Trump a “child” on Friday morning, after reporting on the president’s latest message to Kim. Mediaite, a media watchdog website, editorialized Brezezinski’s comments, writing that Trump is escalating tensions with “immature trash talk.”

CBS News White House correspondent Mark Knoller made sure to point out Trump was “at his golf club” on Friday morning, while comedian-turned-activist Chelsea Handler tweeted that she actually prefers Kim to Trump, asking if we can “trade.” Actor Michael Rapaport said Trump and Kim were involved in “Twitter beef,” and referred to it as “keyboard karate.”

But to Gainor, “it shows just how demented American journalism has become when they pretend Trump is just the same as Kim Jong-un.”

Trump made headlines around the world earlier this week by referring to Kim as “Rocket Man,” while warning in his U.N. speech that the U.S. could "totally destroy" North Korea. The speech was praised by Trump supporters, and condemned by the left.

Kim fired back with his "mentally deranged U.S. dotard" comment, while threatening to blow up a hydrogen bomb over the Pacific Ocean.

The “dotard” reference in particular caught the attention of the media, and was a top search term across the internet. The Times “dotard” headline, sent out on the paper’s verified Twitter account, prompted comments from readers favorably comparing Kim to Trump.

One user wrote “Maybe Kim Jong-in is not as crazy as we thought. He sure pegged Trump! His vocabulary is certainly better!”

Other comments include Times’ followers claiming the “truth hurts” and proclaiming that dotard is their new “favorite word.”

A Times reporter took to Twitter to make his own joke. “Damn. ‘Mentally Deranged U.S. Dotard’ was going to be the name of my dad band, a kind of funk/math rock thing, and now I've gotta change it,” national correspondent John Schwartz wrote."

Brian Flood covers the media for Fox News.

Follow him on Twitter at @briansflood.
No. 1     Reply: Re: Trump-Kim coverage draws charges of moral equivalence   
By:  Bullfighter279   Gender: M   Age: 55   on  Sep 23, 2017 at 12:51 PM     
Here's another good one I found today on FOX NEWS that shows how ludicrous the media (and Hollywood) is being comparing Trump to be as bad (or worse) than the north Korean Dictator:

Media says Trump is just like crazy dictator Kim Jong Un, and other absolutely moronic press comments

Emmy Award Recap: host Stephen Colbert and numerous presenters and winners get political and take jabs at President Donald Trump

If vapid talk show host Chelsea Handler says it, it must be … utterly nuts. The Netflix micro-star has compared President Trump to North Korea’s dictator Kim Jong Un in a tweet.

Here’s her half wit: “Uhhhh. Kim Jung's letter to @realDonaldTrump is a little bit more sane than @realDonaldTrump. Maybe we trade?”

Only Handler was far from the only one making this loony comparison. So, while her comment is awful, she’s probably just following others in the media making the same, Bedlam-esque argument.

Over at MSNBC, we got proven liar and “The 11th Hour” host Brian Williams making the comparison: “[C]an you remind the good folks watching just how unusual this kind of wording from an American president is? Almost borrowing the vocabulary and nomenclature of the North.” Yep, Trump’s allegedly being militant because he’s responding to repeated threats from North Korea to nuke American cities.

ABC’s pretend conservative Matthew Dowd also cropped up on MSNBC’s “Deadline White House,” doing what he does best – bashing Trump. According to Dowd, Trump and Kim are much the same. “A bellicose, threatening, emotionally immature, insecure leader did ‘X,’ a year ago would you have thought the president of the United States was that person or would you thought that the head of North Korea was that person? That's the problem today.”

Dowd went on to claim: “[I]t's hard for me to believe that the people in Europe aren't looking at this situation today and who are they more worried about?” If they’re rational, they’re worried about U.S. media which is characterizing a guy who runs a nation like a giant prison camp as similar to our president.

MSNBC continued its obsession with the comparison. MSNBC host Stephanie Ruhle pulled together a panel of “experts” to bash Trump over North Korea. Former Time Magazine managing editor Richard Stengel – who served in the State Department in the Obama administration – stayed with the talking point: “You know, it’s disturbing. Apart from the fact that he seems to have borrowed the North Korean speechwriters.”

Even French film star Gerard Depardieu got into the act, pretending Trump is like “Kim Jong-un Two.” Of course, Depardieu has claimed the CIA might have invented AIDS, so he might not be the most competent voice for the left.

2. We Only Like The Pretend Sean Spicer: The poor Emmys. First we learned that wall-to-wall anti-Trump hate doesn’t do well in the ratings. Then we learned that a hate-filled, anti-Trump version of the award show wasn’t hate-filled enough to satisfy foam-at-the-mouth liberals.

The left and the media got upset because the program welcomed former White House press secretary Sean Spicer to impersonate Melissa McCarthy impersonating him. The Hollywood Reporter described the reaction as “Spicer Stunt Divides Hollywood,” with some critics saying the stunt helped the former press secretary renovate his public standing. Or, as CNN dramatically put it, “Why did the Emmys help Sean Spicer rebrand?”

Lost in all of this was a fairly reasonable attempt at a joke, especially for conservative-hating Stephen Colbert. That didn’t matter. Hollywood and the press went nuclear. “Harry Potter” and ”Star Trek: Discovery” actor Jason Isaacs summed up the star reactions when he whined about seeing Spicer at a party and called him a “modern day Goebbels,” referring to Hitler’s notorious propaganda minister.

Comedian James Corden actually apologized to his fans for goofing around with Spicer and giving him a kiss at a Hollywood after-party. HuffPost referred to it as a “viral kiss,” which might be any kiss with a Tinseltown celeb who hasn’t had his or her shots.

All of that wasn’t enough of a woodshed moment for Spicer, who then came out and recanted his criticism of inauguration day crowd sizes. The press and Hollywood both are still looking for revenge on the former press secretary.

MSNBC’s Thomas Roberts bashed any outlet that might hire Spicer, saying: “What hypocrites any broadcast network will be if they hire him,” according to Mediaite.

Over at ABC’s “Good Morning America,” correspondent Paula Faris said what other journalists wanted. She wanted Spicer to apologize to America. “So many Americans feel they deserve an apology from Sean Spicer, are they ever going to get one?” You can tell Spicer really wants to get a job because he didn’t counter with a four-letter-word response.

3. The Shot Heard Round The World: It was a golf shot reminiscent of previous President Gerald Ford where the president fired a golf ball into a bystander. Only this one was just a quick video mashup of Trump teeing off and Hillary tripping over into a plane with a golf ball superimposed, appearing to smack the former presidential candidate in the back.

It was hard to tell who was more offended – liberals or liberals pretending to be journalists. The tweet was called “uncouth,” “clearly misogynistic,” or “appalling,” and Trump was either a “goon.” or as The LA Times claimed “he crossed another line,” referring to the tweet’s “violent imagery.”

The Washington Post went as far to ask: “Trump’s Hillary Clinton tweet: Does it violate Twitter’s rules on violence?”

The New York Times was, predictably, even nuttier, noting “the president’s promotion of violent imagery toward Mrs. Clinton, who, as a former first lady, has lifetime Secret Service protection.” Because Secret Service protection is a legitimate line of inquiry for a goofball golf ball tweet.

It probably didn’t help the NYT’s mood any that the Twitter handle for the account Trump retweeted was NY TIMES SUCKS.

TV was just as bad. Soon-to-be Mrs. Morning Joe, Mika Brezinski called it, “'abominable, rude behavior,'” which sounds like any morning’s episode of her show. And CNN Editor-at-Large Chris Cillizza, one of the network’s near-infinite gaggle of openly liberal journalists, claimed it was “a trollish attempt at humor with overtones of violence against women.”

Congratulations On 30 Years: The Media Research Center (hint: where I work) held it 30th anniversary and annual DisHonors Awards that skewer liberal media stars for their outlandish comments. This year, the audience chose the worst “Quote of the Year” winner as Every Single Person We Don’t Like in the Liberal Media. The winner was a compilation of just some of the worst anti-Trump comments of the campaign and presidency and included an epic video:

Hurray For Hollywood: For those who didn’t endure the Emmys, it was one long, drawn-out attack on Trump, especially with comments from Stephen Colbert. Just one more reminder to not bother to watch the Emmys this time next year if you happen to be to the right of Lenin (or even Lennon.)"

Dan Gainor is the Media Research Center's Vice President for Business and Culture. He writes frequently about media for Fox News Opinion. He can also be contacted on Facebook and Twitter as dangainor.