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No. 0     Original Topic: Montana million acre wild fires   
By:  CAsandie   Gender: F   Age: 103   on  Sep 14, 2017 at 1:06 AM   Viewed 2099 times     

With all the hurricane activity and flooding in TX and FL, I wanted to recognize the serious wild fires also happening in more Western regions and particularly Montana...

I'm attaching a link here for those unaware:

Just to say prayer is being sent out to Montana.

California is also getting hit large and earlier this month LA suffered its worse wildfire ever.

Idaho, Oregon and Washington are also battling large wildfires and boots are short...

So praying for the safety of fire fighters and these states and those affected as well.

No. 1     Reply: Re: Montana million acre wild fires   
By:  Bullfighter279   Gender: M   Age: 55   on  Sep 14, 2017 at 4:07 AM     
Yeah I have been seeing the articles about them for the last week but all the attention has been on the Hurricanes.

I have an online friend who lives in Montana, will have to check on her and see if it is affecting her at all.
No. 2     Reply: Re: Montana million acre wild fires   
By:  RadioPreacherMan   Gender: M   Age: 59   on  Sep 15, 2017 at 5:49 AM     
Thanks CAsandie ...

So many things going on around us ... just glad God is watching over us.

No. 3     Reply: Re: Montana million acre wild fires   
By:  CAsandie   Gender: F   Age: 103   on  Sep 16, 2017 at 3:04 PM     
BF -- I hope your online friend is non-affected by the massive wild fires (a million acres is so large, but mostly forest lands).

RPM -- Amen about being thankful for our own comforts and not being in the hurricanes or fires or flooding. It can happen to any of us at any time though and the outpouring of contributions and charity across the US for those suffering through these disasters has touched my heart. Praise God, He is Good!

No. 4     Reply: Re: California wild fires rage on ...   
By:  CAsandie   Gender: F   Age: 103   on  Dec 20, 2017 at 9:24 AM     
Just a reminder to lift prayers for those in Southern California.

The news is stating that one of the current California fires will last into January and is on its way to be the worse in recorded history...(Fox reported it to be the second larger in history 12 hours ago, but the link is not working)...

There are prior members of MC affected and I am sending out love and prayer here.

Thanks for your prayers for those affected.

No. 5     Reply: Re: Montana million acre wild fires   
By:  Bullfighter279   Gender: M   Age: 103   on  Dec 20, 2017 at 2:17 PM     
Hopefully it will burn itself out before high winds whip it up more.

It is actually "good" that the fields and forests receive periodic burnings because if they didn't, the underbrush would get even more thick and then when it does ignite, nothing is left in it's path, everything burns up.

Part of the reason California has so many problems with forest fires is due to the stranglehold on logging due to the Spotted Owl worshippers.

Logging in actuality makes a Forest safer because the Forest is thinned so it doesn't build up to dangerous fuel level. Firebreaks in the form of primitive logging roads are created, which help prevent fires from spreading too.

The Spotted Owl worshippers have it all wrong there and have actually created a far more dangerous problem in California for themselves by the chokehold placed on logging.

Here in the midwest they have intentional and planned, "Prairie burns" but they are only done at certain times of the year when it is safest. When winds are down to almost 0 and the temperature and humidity is just right.

As you know I took part in one of these as a volunteer wildland firefighter and carried an old Indian brand water backpack designed for putting wildland fires out.

My job was to make sure the fire didn't jump the line and start behind us, which could have been a really bad thing! :icon_eek::help:

I was shocked when our fire line we had started met up in the middle of another fireline started by another group on the other side of the 640 acre section we were burning.

By the time the flames reached the tall prairie grass in the middle which was well over our heads and at least 10' tall the flames from that grass alone were probably 50' tall! :icon_eek:

I was baffled that plain old prairie grass could generate flames that high!

If a human were in or near that there is no way they would survive it. The flames engulfed everything in their path.

Animals, Deer, Raccoons, Snakes even, had come running out towards us trying to escape the flames from the fireline we had set.

We had to dodge the animals barreling out towards us, lol.

Here it is actually healthy for the prairie to burn periodically.
No. 6     Reply: Re: Montana million acre wild fires   
By:  CAsandie   Gender: F   Age: 103   on  Dec 22, 2017 at 10:21 AM     
Thanks BF.

You are sooooo correct that controlled burns are so necessary in areas that are prone to wild fires. I have a book still from college in which a Native American woman diagrams where indigenous cultures conducted their own controlled burns.

Socal had a bit of rain on Wed., which helped. Thanks for keeping those affected in prayers. <3

No. 7     Reply: Re: Montana million acre wild fires   
By:  Survivor698   Gender: M   Age: 103   on  Dec 22, 2017 at 11:38 AM     
I heard on the radio this AM, that nationwide at least 90% of such wildfires are attributable to humans. Often with a cigarette smoker being the cause. Whether it be simply out walking and tossing a cigarette or match on the ground or out the car window.