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No. 0     Original Topic:  The kingdom   
By:  PetulathePink   Gender: F   Age: 57   on  Apr 27, 2017 at 8:34 AM   Viewed 2703 times     
There once was a kingdom that was true and just. The king loved the people and the people loved him. He ruled with a light hand and had appointed a board that displayed much wisdom.

One day as the king was roaming though hi a lands, he came upon a woman and he stopped talked with her. He found her to be intriguing, wholesome and had much ability for sweetness to others. He kept coming back to visit her and then fell in love with her. The kingdom was torn apart upon finding that their king was getting married, the wise men the king appointed counciled the king not to marry. But the King loved this woman deeply. The wise men conceded and allowed the marriage. Most all the kingdom rejoiced for their king was happily married.

But one day not too long after their marriage, the king, the wise men and most of the kingdom was witness to see the queen give her heart to another man. Now back in those times, it was punishable by death if a married person was unfaihful. The Queen was put in court of sorts to determine if she indeed was guilty or innocent and then what kind of punishment she would face.

Unfortunately, the proof was undeniable that the queen was guilty. And the wise men and the court had decided the queen should be put to death by tying her to a tree where lions go by and would devour her. The King had the ultimate decision though.

He could banish her. He could forgive her or he could agree that her sentence be carried out. The king loved his queen so very much and sadly, with great anguish in his heart, he agreed that the queen should be put to death as ruled by the courts.

The Queen was then tied to the tree to wait until nightfall when the Lions would come by and find her. It was just getting past dusk and soon for the Lions to come when the queen heard the footsteps coming near her. She waited for her death when she saw it was not lions afterall. It was the King himself! Ah the queen was so confused. How can the King allow her to go to her death, yet be here? She asked, "Are you here to kill me yourself?" And the King answered "Oh no, I love you oh so ever much now than I did before, but you did deserve your punishment and by law, I cannot just dismiss your sentence. The law must be kept. But my love for you remains as strong now as ever."

And the 2 waited for the Lion to come. Son after, they both heard the footsteps and this time it was a very hungry and fierce lion. But the King had his sword and fought and fought against the lion. The King gained victory over the lion but not without some lethal blows the lion made against the King.

In the morning, the council came by and found the woman had lived, but they found the lion was dead and their beloved King was near death himself. The council ran the King back to the kingdom to be nursed back to health. And the woman was put in prison while they waited to see if the King would live or die. The 1st day, the kingdom was given the news that their king was near death. And the second day the kingdom was.told that the king was still unconscious but was still alive. And the kingdom mourned and prayed for their wonderful King. And the 3rd day it was found the King finally woke up and was.going to be ok. And the whole kingdom rejoiced with great gladness.

Now the woman ...The Queen who betrayed her husband and nearly was the cause of his death. The wise men discussed earnestly what they should do. The Queen had been punished to death. And she was still alive. But the King had proved his love for her and had killed the lion. So the council decided to do this.

They placed the woman in a room with 2 doors. The 1st door on the Left would lead her to her certain death. The second door would lead her to her king. But if she chose the second door, she would need to give her heart to the king and vow to remain faithful to him.

Which door would you choose? For you are the queen. And the King loves you very much, so much so that he did the unthinkable and beat the lion to pay the price.