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No. 0     Original Topic: fun fun..   
By:  insular926   Gender: M   Age: 55   on  Feb 12, 2016 at 12:11 PM   Viewed 5430 times     
Bicycles I'm finding are so much fun, I recently have had to ride my bike because I don't have a car and I just didn't realize if your bike is top tuned with the maximum amount of air pressure in the tires, WOW, you can really go, it's super efficient, even on my beautiful pristine 1962 Schwinn Varsity which I bought off of EBAY years ago, I'm so glad I purchased it now, it was 100 dollars, then I had it all gone through extensively, it's a 38 pound bike but let me tell ya' it sails!

I will try to find a pic of one like it or I will take a pic of it on my cell phone.

I still remember after I bought it, I went back a few months later to the same dude who was leasing a big warehouse in South Dallas where I bought it from and the dude was no longer there, he was a nice elderly gentleman who was also into buying and restoring old Railroad Watches but he also liked buying and selling bikes purchased from estate sales as well. My medium blue 62 Schwinn Varsity also had a TWIN so to speak, a woman's Varsity of the same color so some lucky woman got to purchase that.
No. 130     Reply: Re: fun fun..   
By:  Bullfighter279   Gender: M   Age: 55   on  Nov 23, 2017 at 5:45 AM     
I went to make a Layaway payment on the Mountain bike and the Indian clerk tells, me, "There's no record of you in our system, are you sure you didn't pay for it at some other store???" :rolleyes::icon_eek:

I felt my blood boil for him insinuating I was as incompetent as they are.

I said, "Look...I made a down payment 2 weeks ago on a bike that's in that back room and if you can't figure this out I want a Manager up here who can."

I give him my Driver's license to read my name exactly and still no record.

He then asks for my phone number, which then brought the transaction up.

The 2 female clerks who handled my transaction 2 weeks ago and didn't seem like they were too familiar with the procedure had put my first name into the last name slot and, "LP" into the first name slot. :unsure:

Perhaps I should request to speak to a Manager next time anyway and demand to know just why the women entered it this way.

Maybe one of the women's initials is LP and she placed it in the wrong slot?