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No. 0     Original Topic:  Just a Simple Joy   
By:  Donna4   Gender: F   Age: 58   on  Aug 16, 2012 at 7:02 AM   Viewed 25974 times     
I don't think there are too many members of who hasn't, at one point or another, received a letter from me asking if they would like to be a Christian pen-pal to an incarcerated person. I can't thank the administration of this site for having given me the approval to ask each and every member that simple question. It is with such joy to say that we have had an an overwhelming success in the responses that we have had (and hope to continue to have). The Lord has used this site to answer many prayers for those who have been forgotten over time because of the poor decisions they have made along life's way. And, in spite of what the media would have you believe, prisons are not full and filling up with serial killers, they are full of people who have made some rather poor choices or who have drug or alcohol addictions. A letter is like a visit in an envelope and Jesus did tell us to visit those who are in prison because in doing so, we have also done that unto him. (Matthew 25:35-46)

Currently we have received 57 volunteers through this site and each volunteer has taken at least 2 people to write to. We have truly been blessed by the integrity of this site and its members.
Be Blessed!
No. 1     Reply: Re: Just a Simple Joy   
By:  Gary208   Gender: M   Age: 64   on  Aug 16, 2012 at 7:59 AM     
Hi Donna

That is really great news!

I have three that I've been pen-pals with now for quite some time.

The utterly stupid laws in this country is what put most of them in there!
Although not always the case, some crimes should have no chance for parole, yet they often serve the shortest sentences.
One finally completed their four year sentence and went back to work as a graphic artist for an advertising agency and we still converse weekly.
The other two still have a ways to go yet. And as I indicated above, the one that should not even be there, has the longest sentence, and the one who should get life will be out in another year to kill someone else. I can tell my talking with her that she has no remorse for her actions and will instantly return to her set ways. Has even said she can't wait to rejoin her group.

Besides those in prison, many elderly in senior care centers have access to a computer and love to have pen-pals also, especially those who have outlived their own families and peers.

May God Bless