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No. 0     Original Topic:  God even cares about who you marry!   
By:  accountant_4_Jesus   Gender: M   Age: 24   on  Oct 16, 2011 at 7:50 AM   Viewed 28461 times     
First off, before you go thinking that this is a post about how God arranged a marriage, not quite... Yet. But I'd just like to share with people on here my testimony of how God showed me who He has for me to marry. (In case you don't know, or might not remember me, I was here a few years ago under the nickname TheAMan0.) Here goes...

I regularly go to ACE student conventions as part of what is called the "24/7 Squad". It's a squad of ACE graduates that pay their own way to the convention just so they can basically be servants for the entire time, by organising events, getting coffee, setting up/packing up, etc. Last December, I went to Phillip Island, Victoria, Australia to be part of the 24/7 Squad at the South Pacific ACE Student Convention that is held every 2 years. I was very blessed by my time there, and I hope that I was able to be a blessing to others. But the main thing I wanted to share was this: After I had finished helping everyone to pack everything up, I drove to a friend's place and stayed with their family for the night, then drove the rest of the way home afterwards. As I was driving home, there was one particular girl that I was praying and asking God about (if I'm interested in a girl, and believe me, that takes a lot of learning about them beforehand, I ask God if she is the one that He has for me). So anyway, I was asking God "Is she the one that you have for me?" (Now, when I ask God a question, I assume that the next thing that comes into my mind is His answer. I don't claim this to be infallible, but the times I have used this and then requested confirmation from God's Word, it has been accurate.) Anyway, the next thing I heard (I was expecting a "No") was "Yes". My jaw nearly dropped off! I was in shock for a little while, then I started praising and thanking God for His answer to my prayer. Then I asked Him if He would confirm that answer with a Scripture that wasn't taken out of context, and directly related to the subject. So anyway, I got up early each morning and was spending time with God after I got back home, and just asking Him to confirm His answer with that Scripture. I got back home on the Sunday afternoon, and on Thursday morning, after I asked Him again to confirm it, a Scripture reference popped into my mind: Genesis 24:15. I was confused, because I thought maybe I was just getting it confused with Joshua 24:15 and randomly changed Joshua with Genesis. Then I actually read the Scripture. My eyes almost bulged out of my sockets. I read the context of the Scripture to make sure that I wasn't being tricked, but it was all consistent. I had my answer, and now my confirmation: YES! To say that I was rejoicing all that day was an understatement! I had been searching and waiting for years for God to show me the one He had for me, and now that it was finally here, it was just such an incredible blessing that I couldn't contain myself: I burst into songs of praise to God!

Now, I guess you'd be asking: So, what happened? Have you married yet? Are you engaged? The answer is: No. After God confirmed that answer, I felt the Holy Spirit instructing me to do absolutely nothing about it for the rest of the year. That has been very frustrating and has tried my patience no end, but at the same time it has been an incredible journey of God using situations and circumstances to teach me how to be a Godly husband and father. I honestly don't know when He will be finished with enough of my lessons to say "Now, son", but I'm going to be patient and expectantly waiting for that day to arrive. In the meantime, you can all rejoice with me at God's answer to prayer! Praise God!
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By:  melangel32787   Gender: F   Age: 33   on  Jan 20, 2012 at 11:10 AM     
amazing story, my story is similar. i am waiting for God to put me with the ONE he picked for me years ago. the waiting creates in us lessons on how to be more godly and to persevere and to trust God in everything. it can be frustrating at times, but it is worth the wait. God will lead him to me soon, he says we are both ready. so i rejoice in knowing it will be soon. God bless
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By:  Jaqueline   Gender: F   Age: 28   on  Mar 22, 2012 at 8:48 AM     
It's a beautiful story, brother. And I hope you'll tell us the ending, I mean, the happy ending of it
God bless you and your chosen one!
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By:  angelgrace57946   Gender: F   Age: 34   on  Mar 31, 2012 at 7:43 PM     
Thank you Brother for posting this story, very inspiring for someone like me who is in the process of working inwards to make me a better me! It has been almost two years since my last relationship ended and so busy since then to delete all those things that needed to be deleted and to add those that needed to be added. I am still a work in progress with God's guidance, there are forward leaps, there are also small steps backwards, but I am so sure that God allowed everything of this for me to really learn my lesson so I am that ready when His gift for me, my The One will come. Wow! I am more than inspired of your story, so sure that a new beginning with Him at the center will surely lead to more blissful years together:-) Thank you, God bless you both:-)
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By:  Danceswithpugs269   Gender: F   Age: 45   on  Dec 26, 2012 at 8:44 AM     
I am waiting for God to pick my future husband too. It makes perfect sense.
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By:  Tulip427   Gender: F   Age: 60   on  Jan 2, 2013 at 11:06 PM     
Here is my story. I met my future husband on line here at Meet 2 month ago , I didn't know he even existed. we met over Karl Barth and Bornhoeffer discussion. Than I never heard from him and he from me. I found on Face book a message from him. "Where I have been" I answered him on Forum. He got sick and needed help. I got inspired by Go d to drive out to Missouri to help him. We liked each other and now we decided to share life together.God does do amazing things. Even when we it least expected. I let you know the rest of the story and how it will end. God Bless you all and remember. the greatest gift is Love.