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First Visit:  06/23/2008      Number of Visits: 27     Last Visit: 01/30/2009 at 22:17

Gender: Female Age: 24
Location: Illinois, USA Height: 5' 3"
Occupation: Registered Nurse Weight: 115 pounds
Religion: Non-denominational Marital Status: Single
Beliefs: Extremely Important Race/Ethnicity: Asian
Education: Bachelor's Degree Smoking: Nonsmoker
Intellect: Average Drinking: Rarely drink
Introvert/Extrovert: Sometimes I initiate conversation Personality: Cheerful, Generous, Outgoing, Spontaneous
Humor: I love telling jokes or stories Politics: Moderately conservative
Health/Fitness/Diet: Important, but not all consuming Thinker / Feeler: Feeler (intuitive, cooperative)
Outdoor: Walking, Picnics, the beach Money: Careful Spender
Indoor: Cooking Planning: I plan most things, but am flexible
Fashion: I'm a VERY trendy person Neatness: Give me an hour to clean up before you come
Looks: Above average looks Children: None
Income: $30,000 to $60,000 More Children: Yes
Spectator Sports: I don't like spectator sports Relationship: I'd like to start a long term relationship
Television viewing: Less than 30 minutes a day Preferred Age: from 22 to 32
Description given by a friend:
She's a witty, fun loving, spontaneous, talkative, and attractive girl. She is moral and dependable, energetic, disciplined when necessary, but mostly just fun to be with. Never a dull moment with this girl!
Preferences in a Partner
I like guys who are confident in themselves enough to have a gentle humility. Arrogance is one of the things I can't tolerate. He should have a good relationship with the Lord and be able to be spiritual leader (at least in our family, and preferrably in our spiritual community as well). I want a guy I can pray with as well as laugh with. Takes life seriously, but doesn't take himself too seriously.
Tell us a little about your Christian faith, such as how you became a Christian, what your faith means to you now, and where you see it leading you in the future:
I grew up in a Christian home, and accepted Christ as my personal savior at age 9 in Sunday School. I haven't always followed the Lord as closely as I should, but haven't gone through any major rebellion either. I currently attend an excellent church with a strong Bible teaching as well as a very uplifting contemporary music format.
Describe your personality and physical appearance. Include information about hobbies, interests, pets, musical abilities, etc.
My photo should take care of the physical appearance part. Sorry, I don't have any pets, play the piano (but am out of practice), and enjoy cooking, crochet, and interior decorating (boring right!).
What kind of work do you do? Do you enjoy it? Where do you see yourself in 5 or 10 years?
I'm an R.N. in a pediatric intensive care unit. I've always worked in pediatrics (yes, I love kids), but have only been in PICU for six months. It is a bit difficult at times, but I'm going to give it a year.
How do you view your level of spiritual maturity? Do you attend services and/or Bible Studies often? Are you involved in any ministries?
I think I'm mature. I attend services every weekend that I'm not working (we work alternate weekends). I also attend a woman's Bible Study regularly. I help out with children's ministries in my church.
What was your major and/or favorite classes in high school and/or college?
Nursing, obviously. Other favorites were Spanish and creative writing.
Why did your most recent relationship or marriage not work out?
I dated a guy for 4 years. We met in college. There were some big differences in our faith, combined with some issues he struggled with coming from a bad family situation.
What are your favorite musicians, authors, artists, songs, books, poems, paintings, etc?
Stephen Curtis Chapman, 4 Him, Rich Mullens, Steve Green, Point of Grace.
Favorite Quotes or Bible verses:
Proverbs 3:5-6
Any additional comments?
Whew... how could I have more to say after all this!

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