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Dear MeetChristians family,

I want to share our success story with you and to thank Tom, the webmaster, for creating such a wonderful website. In March of this year I received a message from Charles, a member of this site, who is now my husband as of September 26th. I immediately liked him through his extensive profile and long and interesting letters. As I found out later, he noticed my profile a year earlier and wanted to write to me for a while, but at that time I was dating someone else and Charlie didn't want to interfere. When Charles found out that I was single and interested in a long-term relationship, I was away from Canada teaching English in Kazakhstan, and he decided to fly to Kazakhstan to meet me. Once there, he invited me to come visit him and his family in California. I came here in late June and stayed with his parents, and on July 3 Charlie proposed to me in the Yosemite national park. From the spot he chose we could see the Half-dome, and we were both happy to realize that both of us have finally found our other "half". What a wonderful day!

We wanted to get married quickly and have a small wedding, but our families inspired and helped us to have a more beautiful and detailed one. September 26th was the most beautiful and happy day in our lives, and our 2-week honeymoon in Hawaii was truly a trip to paradise.

Thank you so much again, Tom, for hosting this site! Your website is a special blessing. We believe that God used it to bring us together.

In Christ,

Vasilisa and Charles

Just wanted to finally share my wonderful success story with you, even though it has been a long time.   I met my husband on MeetChristians.com back in December of 2001. We met and were married June 2002.   We have been so happily married and have a great life together, and our first daughter.   Just wanted to let you know your site is wonderful and that it truly was God's Will for us to meet, and your site made that possible.  Now I have my husband, who is my best friend and soul mate.  Thank you for providing this website.   Although I will no longer have to use it, I do direct others towards it!   Thank you and keep up the great site!


Becky and E.J.
Mr Webmaster,

My name is E.J. and I met a girl by the name of Becky over one year ago. I am sorry I haven't got back with you before. We got married Oct 4 in a gorgeous church. I love her so much. She is so wonderful. We started out as penpals then decided to see each other. We kept it up till we fell in love. We have several wedding pictures that I can show you. My sister is using this service but I can not disclose her name. Tell everyone that let God take control and this is a good source of communication.
God Bless
Becky and E.J.

Richard and Carol

One can never know where he or she is going to find true love. It can be difficult for a Christian single to find a good place to meet other Christian singles. Carol and I met on your web site almost two years ago. We were both Christians, and we had many conversations about our relationship and fellowship with God. We both had the same goals in life and we knew knew there was chemistry between us.

Everyone asked how we met. How surprised they were to know we met on your web site. Some have asked for your URL. Thank you for offering a safe and comfortable place to meet other Christians. I would like to also thank my good friend Andy, who met his now wife Joy, on your web site. Andy and Joy's first baby is due very soon! May the Lord bless your web site, that it may continue to bring Christians together.

Yours truly,
Richard and Carol

Dear Webmaster,

Just a note to let you know that my fiance and I met here. We "met" in August last year. We are getting married next month. This is evidently another means by which God has blessed us and we wanted to share with you this fact and let you know how grateful we are. We conversed long distance by computer from August through December. We spoke almost every day for those few months...

Jeff and Jeanine
Then Jeff took the plunge. He liquidated his business and used the opportunity to move on. We were both scared, but didn't really have much to loose. He drove here, got a job and we dated for several months, to find out that we really cannot talk ourselves out of the fact that God has done this thing and we have fallen deeply in love. We've been to counseling, read books, but not because there is something wrong, because we have found someone right, and we want to do this the right way.

As for your website, we can both say that we've met a lot of interesting people here. Each one either helping us grow or teaching us a lesson in life. When I first entered the web-site, I was still in the healing process from my first marriage. I knew I was taking a risk at entering such a site in such a vulnerable state of being. But I met two pastors, a youth leader, a writer, and several others, who all shared in helping me to come to terms with my past and move on. Ultimately, I was strengthened from the inside out. How can you regret something like that?

Then Jeff and I met! I don't think I recognized how special he would be at first. But one day, something snapped, and I realized that I couldn't bear to lose such a friend. There is so much to our story... I couldn't begin to tell you everything... there's just too much. But I can tell you that our story is still being written. And we look forward to building a life together, to God's glory.

This website is one of our fondest memories... its the tool that God has used to build the foundation of our relationship... and it will forever hold a significant place in our scrapbook of memories, to pass on to our children. When people give us that certain look (you know the one) after we reveal how we met, we often tell them that we are glad we met this way and not in person, because we got to know eachother's hearts first. And from there it grew into a beautiful and meaningful relationship without the outward distractions that accompany dating. And the bond that holds us so strongly together started with communication here at MeetChristians.com.

Don't ever doubt that God uses this web-site... for multiple reasons. Thanks for being here!

Jeff and Jeanine

Ted and Lise

Dear Webmaster,

Here is a picture of us, Ted and I met on MeetChristians.com , we both lived in Colorado and we talked online, then by phone, then finally met and began to spend time together and we fell in love. We are both very thankful to MeetChristians.com for bringing us together. For us it worked out and we feel God has really blessed us in every way.

Thank you again.

Ted and Lise

I just wanted to say THANKS for your site! I met an amazing person on meetchristians.com a few months ago. We would never have met if it wasn't for your site. Keep up the good work.


I am currently in a wonderful relationship with a man that I met through your site 3 months ago.  We are completely in love and we feel very very blessed.  I am referring a friend to the site.  I just wanted you to know that I truly believe God  utilized your site to bring this wonderful man to my life.


Dear Webmaster,
Thanks for the note - it reminded me to delete my account.  Why?  Because - thanks to your web site - I found (rather, she found me) the woman I'm going to marry.
Thanks so much for providing the "link" that brought us together!


In February, I found "meetchristians.com", then my Sweetie found me, then we found each other, now we're getting married on Oct. 29th!  If it hadn't been for your website, we most likely would never have met!  From the beginning our relationship has been based on our Christian faith, knowing that it was God who brought us together.  It might give others hope to know we both had previous marriages, I am a 57 year old female and he is 64.  There IS life after 50!!!  When people ask how we met, I tell them "meetchristians.com".  We're both eager to share the good news about You when we share Our good news!  Thank you for your wonderful and thoughtful and grace-filled website!
Jo and Ken

This is a great site. The people I've met on here are spiritually high. I like that.



My name is Claudia.  I just recently joined your website, along with about six or seven other single christian websites.  I have received quite a few responses to my ad on these websites, but I believe your website has the nicest men on it that have emailed me.  I want to thank you for such a wonderful way to meet other christians.
Your website also has very nice qualities that other websites just don't have.  I especially like the information that the other person is required to give in their ad, so I can get to know a little bit about them before deciding whether I want to respond to their email or not.
Thank you again,

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