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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost? 

This Service is Completely FREE!

How is my identity protected? 

Your real email address is always hidden in all your correspondences via our anonymous web-based email system. We will never reveal your personal information, such as your real name or email address to any other members.

Will my e-mail address be given out to mailing lists? 

NO. I hate getting junk mail -- AND junk e-mail. I would never, for no amount of money, give out this list. We do, however reserve the right to send out our own newsletter to our members, but we promise we won't send them more than once a month.  If you delete your profile, everything including your email address is deleted.

What do you mean by "profile"? 

Each new member is required to answer a list of multiple choice questions that provides a profile of their interests, values, and personality characteristics. This data provides a detailed "profile" of the person without revealing their identity. Other members can search the database for people who fit the "profile" they are looking for. To see what one of these profiles looks like, Take the Tour.

Can everybody see my profile? 

No, only other members who have filled out their own profile and have a password.  This is a Members Only Site.

What information is required to register? 

The Process page (click to view) is the best place to get detailed information about this.

What do you mean by "anonymous" email? 

When you send an email to another member, your real email address will never appear in the "From" field, only the alias that you use on the site. Your real email address, name and other personal information are never disclosed to other members and it is up to you to reveal that information when you decide to do so.   More information about anonymous e-mail can be found by Taking the Tour.

How do I know if mail I sent was received? 

When you login, click on Mail Messages, and then click on Check on Mail Sent.

How do I view my profile? 

You can very simply view your profile by clicking on User Tools, and then My Profile icons on the top toolbar. If you want to modify anything, you can go to User Tools, and then Modify my Profile.

How do I resign from the service? 

We hate to see you go, but we hope it's because you found love! You can delete your profile from the User Tools Menu.

What if I forgot my login and/or password? 

No problem! Just click on this link to have it emailed to you.

How do I add a photo? 

Adding your photo is very simple! You just go to User Tools, and select Submit Photos.  Please read all the instructions carefully before sending your photo.  Your profile will get 8 to 10 times as much attention after you submit a photo.

Can I delete just my photo? 

Yes.  If you want to remove only one or both photos after uploading them, you can do so from the User Tools menu, and then select Delete Photos.

Can I modify my profile from time to time? 

Yes!   You can click on the User Tools on the top menu, and then click on Modify Multiple Choice or Modify Essay Answers.

How can I search for someone from a specific location? 

You can search based on Country and State / Province (and 27 other criteria!) from the Detailed Search page.

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